Recruitment Process

Here is the Recruitment Process Raj Overseas  follows for completing recruit process.

  1. Set of legal documents received from company by the Raj Overseas.
  2. Legal documents forwarded to the Ministry of the Labour Department for the first / pre-approved by Raj Overseas.
  3. Upon the receipt of the pre-approval, put advertisement in the newspaper for sourcing out the candidates as per company requirement.
  4. Selection of the candidates by Raj Overseas, prepare the data sheet and provide details to the company.
  5. Final interview by company representative and provide final selection list to the Raj Overseas.
  6. Prepare medical, photo. Collect original passports and provide related documents of the candidates to the company for the visas procession by Raj Overseas.
  7.  Complete the documents forwarded to concern company for the visa process.
  8.  Upon the visa receipt, process for insurance, orientation of the candidate, and submit in Ministry of Labour Department along with the visa for the final approval.
  9.  Plan for the candidates deployment and provide related information / itinerary to the company in advance for their necessary preparation.
  10. Upon the receipt of the candidates by the company. Arrival information should be provided to the Raj Overseas.